Recently, I’ve been fielding more questions about how I tutor online, especially how I do Orton-Gillingham tutoring online. Like any educator, I’m continuously learning and changing the way I approach online tutoring. But over the last three years, I have developed some systems I’m really happy with for connecting with students, sharing work and activities on the screen, engaging students in interactive lessons, and assessing their work.

 I would love to share what I’m doing with more tutors because the demand for OG tutoring continues to grow and more parents are seeking tutors online that can match their busy schedules and save them a long commute to meet with someone in person.

If you’re interested in moving your reading tutoring online, or you’ve experimented with tutoring through Skype or FaceTime or Zoom and want to see what else is out there, book a call and find out how I can help.

You can also join my Facebook Group, Online Orton-Gillingham Tutoring – How to and Why, and check out my videos about how to use Zoom and other tools for online tutoring.

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